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I wanted to share with you some information about our game Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper.

Unity is the engine we are using for creating the game, for the level design we are using prefabs and some Unity Plugins, like Ferr2D and PlayMaker.

Exemple of asset:


For the animation we are using a new software call Spine. It was a choice that imposes itself, it is user-friendly, cheaps and it stays updated. You can have some example of animation that we have already done for the game:

Pankapu with his armor Bravery :

Anime Sheet



Pankapu with his armor Ardor:

Sprite sheet



Ardor with bones:



If you want to know more about the game Pankapu: The Dreamkeeper:


Pankapu goes Alpha

2015-06-02 11:47:06 by Pankapu


After a couple days of rush and few hours of sleep, all the team is proud to share with you the Alpha version of PANKAPU.

Join us in the world of Omnia, discovering the touching story of Pankapu and Jaha’rell taking place in colorful levels. .

Equipped of your scarlet armor, named Bravery, answer the call of Iketomi, the Hymn of Dreams, and fight the hordes of nightmares erupting in the oneiric world.

With Pankapu under your control, discover the first levels of the game, in the heart of Peppu, the tree-wood. You will, meet different protagonists, and fight your first Hya’Nagis.

For those among you that have the chance to try the pre-alpha during our last events, you will be able to notice our improvement : evolution of the level design, graphismes progress and upgrade of the fluidity of the gameplay.



May Iketomi be with you !


PS : Don’t forget to give us some feedback in the dedicated section below or on our Facebook page !


Optimal screen resolution : 1920×1080

Gameplay of Bravery


X: Furious attack with his heavy sword, 2 hits are already unlocked.

B: Protect himself with his shield

A: Jump, a useful skill for discovering the Peppu forest

Joystick left: Move Pankapu



□: Furious attack with his heavy sword, 2 hits are already unlocked

X: Jump, a useful skill for discovering the Peppu forest

○: Protect himself with his shield

Joystick left: Moving



You can remap at launching (Tab input)

A/Q: left D: right

Space: Jump, a useful skill for discovering the Peppu forest

J: Furious attack with his heavy sword, 2 hits are already unlocked

L: Protect himself with his shield

Pankapu need you

2015-05-07 04:43:47 by Pankapu

It’s official, we have submit our baby PANKAPU to the Square-Enix Collective, and we have been selected, Yatta!!!

Since last year Square-Enix proposes a new platform: Square-Enix Collective, giving the opportunity to video games developers to post their works, and players to judge if a project has to come to life or not.

It’s mean that PANKAPU is going live on the site Square-Enix Collective, for 28 days. During this lapse of time you will be able to support us (like you always do) by voting “Yes” on our Square-Enix page.

This will bring a great visibility on our project, giving us the chance to have an international vision and to get access to Square-Enix network.

Pankapu project page:

If you want to vote, you have to register on the page.


Thanks for your support, every vote counts !