New enemy designs!

2017-03-10 09:24:30 by Pankapu

Hello everyone! We hope everything’s great for you! Episode 2 is coming along well! And today, we have some news about some new enemies that you’ll meet along the way in the new Episode!

But firstly, we have some special information about the Wii U/Switch.

As we said previously, instead of Wii U, we’re aiming for a Switch version, we can hence confirm we’ll release Pankapu on Switch. Those who don’t want a Switch version can send us a mail and change platform!

Now, let’s hop back in the Omnia Express, and we’re good to go! To show you how we create the enemies, we thought it’d be cool for you guys to have a look at some enemies we’ve been working on for Episode 2! We have many new foes to introduce today, so let’s not waste time!


The Diva (Working name):


First stop: the Diva. Gorgeous and deadly. Have you ever seen a nightmare who's always wanted to shine on stage?


Now, you have ^^


The Ghost


 Hey, do you remember Boo from Mario or the specters from Zelda? Here is ours, slightly different, less shy and he won't stop even if you look at him.

By the way, if he touches you, he’ll steal your Aegis and turn into your evil Doppelgänger... You've been warned!!


The Frog:


The Frog, one of our favorites! How could you hurt this cute small batrachian? Problem is, it will stomp on you and create shockwaves!




Bonus time:


Here’s a small behind-the-scenes secret. To tell you the truth, at first, we had made some designs for a “spider enemy”, but then we chose to go with a frog. Still, we wanted to show you those spiders!

Maybe we’ll keep them for a future game? ;)




Wondering where the Gelaths are? Here are the new ones: the ... Jawlaths!

Those adorable-looking monsters may seem small at first glance, but they can bite and eat those much bigger than them.


And they don’t come alone; they’ll attack you as hordes. Imagine a group of them walking like that:




Lava Fugus









During your journey to Itopia, you’re going to come across quicksand! In it, hidden in the shadows, there will be “sandworms”. Those Shai-Hulud straight from Frank Herbert’s Dune will be waiting for you!


The Zoldate Leg


Terminus: The Zoldate Leg. Nice shoe, right?

But don't you

Step on my blue suede shoes

You can do anythingg

But stay off of my blue suede shoes

Hmm hmm sorry...

So yeah, he will stomp on the ground in order to stunt you:


Oh, and about its attack, if you want to know the inspiration, we’ll just tell you that our animator has spent too much time on Street Fighter recently.



And that’s all for today!!

Are you looking forward to meeting all those new foes?

No matter how cute or scary, or how big or small they can be, they were given only one task: to keep you from moving forward in your quest! So get ready for Pankapu Episode 2!

We love you!

All the Too Kind Studio Team


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