Episode 2 is in development!

2016-12-08 10:45:02 by Pankapu

Hello everyone!!

We are going back to our adventure inside the dream world!!!

It’s been two months already, since you jumped into this world. You fought your first nightmares side by side with Chii, met some new allies, like Ohiti and Vaya, and for the more relentless of you, you discovered the beginning of the story of Djaha’rell.

However, now, some questions remain unanswered: “Where is Ohoko?”, “Who’s that Lady in Black that appears at the end of the episode?”and most of all “Is Iketomi the illegitimate son of the Silver Surfer and an Oscar?”

And no one of this questions will be answered in this update... Ahahha!



 Fine, I'll spill some beans!

We've already started the production of the episode 2 and we have tons of new ideas and concepts!!!

Pankapu Episode 2:

Expected release: first trimester of 2017

Here is the main visual of the episode 2 of Pankapu. It’s a work in progress, but you can already have a preview.


The 3rd Aegis, Faith, will be unlocked during your adventure. You will have access to his complete panoply of magician, capable of distorting time and space:

Normal attacks


Time Crack (name not definitive) stopping the enemy

Warp (name not definitive), slowing the enemy in the area of effect


New features

At the same time, I’m giving you a little list of the news concepts that we are working on. Of course, I will come back later in another Omnia Express with a focus on every point:

  • 4 new colorful areas, with environment-based obstacles
  • New allies will join your adventure
  • A brand-new roster of nightmares, ready to fight
  • Walljumps, stunts of winds, reversed polarities, inversions of gravity, and a lot of new gameplay concepts.
  • One phase for the nostalgic of the 90’s games, with a gameplay really different from the platformers
  • One particular phase that 90's games lovers should love, with a gameplay really different from the platformers.

I will conclude with those and let you dream on it ^^.

Thanks again for your support, we will come back next month for a new Omnia Express.

We love you !!!

All the Too Kind Studio


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