The third Aegis: Faith!!

2016-05-11 05:17:59 by Pankapu

Hello everyone!! So, in the demo (that you can try here :, you can play two Aegis : Bravery and Ardour. But what about Faith? Let me introduce you the third Aegis: Faith!!!


Faith reveals himself and he is joining the fight against the Nightmares


A wizard has to believe in him, in his capacity and in the magic himself. Faith is what characterizes all this certainty that our erudite has to control in order to practice his art at its higher level. Armed with just his convictions, he must have an iron will while fighting hordes of nightmare (Indeed he is someone fighting draped only with cloth). 


Hopefully, the power of Faith is not in his outfit (really chic by the way, you can be both a wizard and classy!) but in the great competency given by the aegis. When he his wearing his azure tunic, Pankapu can look as inoffensive and calm as sleeping water. But don’t fool yourself, under this hood, there is a storm waiting, prepare to unleash tidal wave on his opponent.

Now let's talk about the gameplay of Faith, the magic spells caster:


Here are the animation Gifs of the first movements of Faith: (His first steps... That's touching!)


Healing spell:


Faith flutters when he jumps:


That's all for today, we hope you like this new Aegis!



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2016-05-11 06:22:27

I want to say, initially when I saw the still image of Faith I didn't know what to make of him. The GIFs really provide quite a lot of light into how he acts and behaves. Probably one of the coolest RPG mages I've ever seen.

Also, I'd like to take some time to really praise that last background. The field doesn't make it obvious that we're in this really magical atmospheric game, but that cave(?) level actually brings out the best of the background art.

Pankapu responds:

Wow, thanks a lot for your comment!! That's very nice!
I hope you'll like the final game, because those backgrounds are just the beginning of the game :) There will be way more places to discover :)


2016-05-11 06:23:38

(Almost forgot to say this, so sorry for the double comment. I'm downloading the alpha now, to see how it plays.)

Pankapu responds:

Awesome! What did you think of it?