New enemy! Meet the Slap!

2016-05-04 08:46:29 by Pankapu

Hello everyone!! Today, we have a little update for you! Pankapu will have many enemies throughout his journey... And here is one of them! Here's a small video that you may have seen before:


In this video, Pankapu is getting grabbed and thrown by some mysterious monster... Today, that monster has decided to show himself in public! Let me introduce you... the Slap!!



Slap’s comment :

It’s about time! Finally! I’m not supposed to be a meme!


Slap’s origins

I’m pretty sure the first question that comes to your mind is : “But how this nice (he is!) little monster came to be this way?”

As you know, Pankapu’s Bravery Aegis bears a shield. We then had in mind to create an enemy that forced the player to use that shield.

Slap’s comment :

Grgrgr, I already hate this shield!



We didn’t want a monster firing projectiles, since those can be dodged by jumping. We hence needed a monster directly hitting the player, and if the player doesn’t use the shield to protect himself, he’ll take some damages. We thus thought to create an imposing monster, with limbs directly attacking the player. And if doesn’t use the shield, he’ll automatically take some damages.

What are you talking about ? The player doesn’t need to use the shield! I promise, I’ll be very nice with him!




In this early concept, we already had the idea of a static monster being able to easily move its limbs to attack Pankapu.


Mouhahaha, I loved those sharp limbs!




Here, is covered with purple and black colors, typical of nightmares trying to invade Omnia.

What can I do ? You have to be classy as a bad guy!



On this picture, you can see an important change compared to the first concepts. Indeed, rather than creating a monster that could simply attack the player with blades, it was more interesting to create a monster that could not just attack the player, but grab and grasp him (not friendly, unfortunately…) and then throw him. This allows the enemy to completely differentiate from the other nightmares. However, if the player uses his shield to protect himself before getting attacked, the Slap will be stunned, which will allow Pankapu to kick his ass! (Pankapu might be little, but he’s strong!)

Strong ? You’ve got to be kidding me ! I’ll destroy him!



Now that Slap’s final concept was found, and that we had in mind the way Slap would attack Pankapu, we now needed to create fitting animations and assets.


Of course you need animations and assets! I’m not an inanimate statue!



The tentacle basis was kept, but we improved it thanks to the hand. Quite practical to shake hands, grab salt or… a Pankapu!


But… How can such a big monster hide ? It doesn’t seem happy at all! You bet I’m not happy!

You know what it’s like to live underground and wait for a hero to come?




Here, Slap is now animated! The idea of an imposing monster  attacking Pankapu is present. Slap might be static, it’s nevertheless strong! Pankapu will have to use tricks in order to destroy this monster…

Look at this moves, this agility… Pankapu will never be can’t compete with my class!


Final Version

Now you know a little bit more about “Slap “! An enemy that could be very dangerous! Your shield will be more than necessary when you face him, for you will not only be protected against its attacks, but in addition to that, Slap will be stunned by the shield… This will be the moment to show him what you’re made of!

It’s so unfair! Let me say this one more time to be clear: I HATE THIS SHIELD!

That's all for today! What do you think ? Do you like him ? Tell us!

All the Too Kind Studio Team


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2016-05-04 08:48:57

yea this good ;3

Pankapu responds:

Thanks!! :)


2016-05-04 09:09:58

There is something about this enemy that reminds me about Dark Eco-infected monsters in the Jak and Daxter games, and I remember just how frightening they were despite looking just so... innocuous. Well done.