Mio... What is this?!

2016-05-02 08:57:37 by Pankapu

Hello everyone! Time for a neeeeeeeeew update!



What is this mysterious thing flying above the Lush forest?! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an Ikea furniture of which the instruction manual’s been lost!


All I can say for now, is that this artifact is full of the mystical power of the Hymn Mio. But what does he do? Who is he? What does he want? Well, if you want to find out my friends, you’ll have to play Pankapu!



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2016-05-02 09:24:07

It does make me wonder if you folks already have a musician for the game, now that you mention 'Hymn Mio'...

It not only reminds me of Akiko Shikata and her song 'Mio' from Ar Tonelico II, but it also reminds me of myself because I actually have a hymn-like portion of a song actually CALLED Mio. ^_^'

Pankapu responds:

Hello Troisnyx!
Thanks for the comment! Actually, the name "Mio" comes from the word "Mioglasi" which means "Mirror" :)


2016-05-03 11:36:41

Perhaps there might be a wordplay with Mio, the given name that has the radical of 'water' in the Japanese kanji somewhere? : )

Pankapu responds:

That could be, but not in our case :) We were only inspired by the word "Mioglasi" which means Mirror :)